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Browning  / Miroku BL22 Tuning Kit

Browning / Miroku BL22 Tuning Kit

$ 25.00

Shotgun Boogie's tuning kit browning BL 22 / Miroku 22lr.

Sometimes the sear spring is to weak. For that case I added a second sear spring to the kit. 

This kit requires fitting by a competent Gunsmith.


From a customer:

I thought you might be interested in the results of installing the Browning BL-22 Tuning Kit:

Factory original springs:  Trigger Pull: 100.45oz., SD 6.796, ES: 25.5.
BL-22 Tuning Kit springs:  Trigger Pull: 67.4oz., SD 2.484,  ES: 8.2.
The above is an average of 10 trigger pulls.

That's a reduction of:  32.81oz. of trigger pull (32.66%), SD: 4.312 (63.44%), ES 17.3 (67.84%)

Amazing difference and a massive improvement in consistency!  My BL-22 is now a pleasure to shoot.

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