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Old and RN Vaquero Short Stroke Kit

Old and RN Vaquero Short Stroke Kit

$ 427.00

Complete set to Short Stroke Ruger New Vaquero, Old Model Vaquero, Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, Montado and SASS Vaquero. That Kit won the Wooly Award for the best SASS product in 2013

Wooly Award

The kit is including hammer, trigger, pawl, all springs and hammerstop.

Two hammer styles are available. Low wide Super Blackhawk hammer (same as on Montado and SASS Ruger). Or the Old Model RV style. With both hammers it is possible to see the sights when hammer down.

The Short Stroke kit is only for use in Cowboy Action competition!

While this kit is easily installed, it is not drop-in, it requires fitting by a competent Gunsmith.

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